Welcome to Dog Walking With Me

Dog Walking With Me is a professional dog walking service for busy people who need a helping hand to give their dogs the exercise and social interaction they deserve.

I work with a customer-centred focus to give you a personalised experience that benefits you and your dog the most, whether that means regular companionship, brisk or slow walks, additional obedience training or just a helping hand for times when you are busy with other commitments.
Dog Walking With Me services the Inner West of Sydney.

Why Dog Walking With Me?

Dog Walking With Me is a registered business operating professionally in Sydney, yet with the same competitive rates that ‘casual’ dog walkers offer.

Dog Walking With Me is solely operated by myself, Jessica, and this provides the consistency that enables a close bond to be formed between dog and walker. As someone who has been a dog lover her whole life, it is only natural that I give your pet my best attention and care every time I collect and walk your dog.

I understand the importance of having peace of mind when handing over responsibility of your pet, especially as your dog may well be your best friend or ‘four-legged baby’. This is where a lifetime of experience with dogs puts me ahead of other dog walkers. I am dedicated to providing the best quality of care to your dog and working with “P.E.T” – Professionalism, Enthusiasm and a Tailored experience. Whatever your individual needs may be, I am happy to listen and work with you and your dog to ensure you get the most out of my dog walking service.


Just like us, a dog’s wellbeing and longevity is improved with daily exercise and social stimulation. On top of maintaining physical and mental health, regular walks help with stress reduction for dogs who may otherwise be restless or misbehaved when kept at home alone.